Yes Complete solution for printing and packaging provide by RENUKA SOFTEC.


We Provide GST ready invoice and item with inclding GST and HSN .


More then 50 module include with Renuka MIS From Enquiery to Dispatch




In today’s era, Information technology is one very important ingredient required to maintain a successful business. Here at Renuka, we believe an organization should be system driven rather than people driven to ensure continuous growth of business.

Over the past 13 years we have helped hundreds of small as well as big printing businesses with our printing management system (MIS). Along with developing the software we have also managed to develop decade long relationships with our clients who with their valuable inputs guided us to mould our software as per Indian print industry needs and requirements. Our aim is to provide software which helps solve routinal complex problems and make life of our customer easy. We are proud to say that

our software solution is for the printers by the printers


Everything Dynamic we care about what you want


We provide high security for database Level and user Level

Dynemic Binding

Everything Connect with each other

Client Support

We Provide 24*7 support online via Email SMS and also Client Side visit

We provide outstanding services for all clients and partners.


Estimation - Commercial Module

A well thought plan, its most appropriate implementation and close control over the printing details. Auto generation of forms and plate set along with page details. Comparative analysis on the basis of quality, paper, number of Colors, finishing, etc. Estimation printout and job detail printout which can be printed, faxed or emailed. Job component wise costing.

Estimation - Packaging Module

Create an instant and optimal estimate for your packaging projects. • Optimum layouting for different types of cartons. • Comparative analysis on the basis of quantity, number of colours finishing. • Easy to edit cost sheet. • Punch die reuse and punch die management. • Different layout option along with corresponding costing. • Multiple quantity estimate.

Mini MIS

The business environment for printers has changed over the past decade. A combination of internal and external factors is forcing print service providers to reevaluate the way they are running their business: Greater demand for short-run print jobs and faster turnaround times are challenging existing business processes and profit margins.

Managment Information System

How many times do you touch a typical job? Creating and revising quotes for your customers, writing up orders and change orders, relaying proofs to your client, generating job tickets, scheduling, imposing and more – all of these take time and cost you money, even before the order goes to production!

MIS Mobile App

- Work Order Register - Purchase order Register - Sales Register - Production Register - Work Order v/s Sales (Line Chart) - Job Costing Report - Executive wise (Pending Orders, FG, Dispatch pie chart) - Quick Stock Search (By code or By product name) - Job Detail (Particular job wise) - Work Order approval


New Mobile App for Live Production and Process control already launch in many client side and also in developed process we will be launching with full feathers it control and report all the running process hold process and complete process it show this json data and pie chart graph

We have some famous clients & partners.